TASUC Schedule

TASUC Schedule (Total Approach Support Union for Challenged children and their families) is an iPad and iPhone app for visual schedules. And this app makes full use of Apple’s multi-touch interface like no app I’ve seen. It also packs more features than any visual schedule I’ve seen, and it makes nice use of a very pleasing interface combined with nice, professional default artwork.

Want to design a morning schedule for your son? No problem. Want to have an alarm sound when it’s time to do a certain task? No problem. Want to check off items when they’re completed? No problem. In fact, while reviewing TASUC, whenever I thought I found a problem or limitation with the app it was only seconds longer before I realized that it did what I wanted.

You can design and name the schedules as you please. You can use your own photos and record your own voice on new ‘cards’ to be used within the app. You can have sub-cards. You can add more and more schedules. If you touch and hold on an item in your schedule, the picture enlarges and you hear that selection spoken audibly. Touch the picture while it’s enlarged, or while it’s smaller, and it sorta recoils from your touch and quickly pops back up to original size again while repeating the item audibly. That provides nice feedback for autistic children.

TASUC Schedule allows you to control the settings of virtually everything. I’m amazed. Double tap the ‘time bar’ and it enlarges appropriately so you can see the scheduled times. Instead of double tapping you can also pinch and zoom. Not zoomed in enough? Do it again. The app automatically adjusts for sharpness and clarity.

For an iPhone/iPad app so close to perfection, do I have suggestions for improvements? Sure. Mainly, TASUC needs to offer much better online support in English. This amazing app was made by a Japanese company and most of their support is in Japanese. Although I was able to figure out the app with few problems, I know plenty of people aren’t as ‘Apple friendly’ as I. Those people will probably have some issues trying to figure out things like ‘how to check off an item as completed’ and ‘how to delete items from their schedule’.

Also, like most other autism apps, TASUC needs to hide the settings within the device’s own settings area. That way nothing can be accidentally changed by a curious kid. I’d have the alarm sound a bit longer. It doesn’t make noise long enough in my opinion. I’d also add an option within settings so I could turn off the time display for activities if I chose because we’re not always on a timed schedule.

In my opinion, TASUC Schedule is an excellent app. I’m very impressed with it, top to bottom. If you want a feature-rich visual schedule this is the one!