EASe Pro

EASe Pro – What is it? Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect (EASe) is a “tool to empower parents and therapists to help children challenged with Sensory Processing Disorder learn to cope with noise.” And, as you know, Sensory Processing is often an issue for kids with autism.

So how does this listening therapy work? Not to trivialize it, but in essence each song is a nice smooth instrumental piece, and you’re the maestro. Now, at certain times in the song another sound is heard, a sound that seems a bit out of tune, a bit out of place, and a bit louder. It will have a higher pitch than the rest of the song, but it won’t last long. You control how often those little bursts of sound happen, how high the pitch is, and you control how long the little bursts last.

Set the app the way you want it, start playing a song, and then lock the iPad or iPhone. EASe will continue playing, uninterrupted. As long as the iPad or iPhone remains locked, with Airplane Mode enabled to keep any notifications from other apps suppressed, the music will keep playing and nobody can mess with the volume or anything. It just continues on.

I’m listening to the music on EASe Pro right now as I’m writing this. I’m not using headphones at the moment, though headphones are highly recommended and for good reason. Nonetheless, the gentle tranquil music definitely has a calming affect on me. I can see how it would do the same for a child with autism.

But EASe isn’t just meant to calm your child, it’s meant to condition them better, or build up a higher tolerance for noise.

Lots of kids with ASD can’t handle a lot of noise. Some have to wear noise blocking headphones over their ears when in public. EASe is here to help parent and therapist alike.

Not sure how to set it up? Four preset buttons will help you with that. But you also get complete control over everything; Gap Length, Burst Length, and Attack. You can also set the duration of the session and email a report as well as choose between stereo or mono sound and mute the left or right. There’s a full user manual available online to explain all the settings. Much of the manual is integrated into the settings menu within EASe.

EASe comes in three versions; Lite, Personal, and Pro. Try out the Lite version and you’ll see how great it is. Then consider the other versions if you believe your child would benefit. You can see them directly on the app store if you wish.

The Pro version allows you to import more EASe listening modules into the app after purchasing them on CD. Lite and Personal don’t have the import feature. Both Personal and Pro include a 60-minute module of music. The Lite version gives you a single song.

I can find no flaws with this app. In fact, until I reviewed EASe Pro, I wasn’t sold on music/listening therapy at all. It’s more popular overseas than in the US. But listening to the music and getting a better understand of how it works I’m convinced of the benefits!

EASe is a solid app. I know from personal experience how expensive music/listening therapy can be. I looked into it for my son. It was far too pricey for us! And insurance doesn’t pay for it. You can get EASe and do the therapy yourself at a much more reasonable price!