Filling Out Your IHSS Time Sheet

IHSS directly deposits funds into our bank account. That’s very convenient for us. Then, they send us the ‘advice of deposit’ which is basically in place of where the check would usually be. If you do not take advantage of direct deposit, your physical check, stub, and next time sheet will be mailed to you all on the same sheet of paper, at least this is how the state of California does it.

IHSS time sheets are interesting. You’ve never seen a time sheet like this before. In fact, they’re so unorthodox that some people ask, “How the heck am I supposed to fill this thing out?”

Let me use a recent advice of deposit/stub/time sheet to help explain this.

First, notice that I’ve changed some of the information. Call me crazy, but I’m not looking to be a victim of cyber-crime (or any other type of crime). Now, the first third of this document is basically telling us, “Hey, we deposited this much money into your account.” The middle third is the statement of earnings and deductions (the stub) and the last third is the new time sheet.

On the time sheet, you’ll see that our “December 2011 Employer Remaining Service Hours Are 95.0.” That 95 is key here because, in order to fill out the form correctly, we’re gonna have to do some math.

My wife (a.k.a. the IHSS worker or provider) has filled in the “Hours Worked” boxes. For the sake of this form you can call her Joseph Franklin. I’m sure she’d love it! Joey D Franklin, the recipient, would be our son.

The Days of the month for this time sheet are the 16th, 17th and so on, but that’s not important. The next step in filling out this time sheet is to count the boxes below each of those numbers, 16 through 31. Note that these boxes will be empty until you fill them in. On this example sheet my wife has filled them in. Anyway, there are 16 boxes.

To calculate the hours to write into each box you simply divide 95 by 16 and you come up with 5.9375. Round it to 5.9. And then you’d write your total hours, in this case 95, in the last area like my wife has already done. And don’t forget to sign and date the lines where it says “Recipient Signature” and “Provider Signature” before mailing or dropping it off.

In our case, since our son is 9, he doesn’t sign this form, of course. We sign his name for him. And IHSS has requested that both my wife and I sign the “Provider Signature” line. So we squeeze both of our John Hancock’s in there.

IHSS can be real sticklers if the time sheet is not filled out correctly, so be careful to do it right if you want to get your money and get it on time! And don’t send the time sheet in any sooner than the last day of hours worked. In this example, we can’t send it before the 31st. And we definitely don’t want it postmarked prior to the 31st or IHSS will kick it back.

One more thing; When you sign the IHSS time sheet you are declaring “that the information provided on this time sheet is true and correct…” Don’t fudge. In filling out your IHSS time sheet make sure you’re being honest or it could come back to bite you in a serious way!