Word SLapPs

Developmentally, my son Braden is ready for Word SLapPs. At the time of this review he is almost 9 (and still has autism). His receptive skills are questionable, but only because of his lack of focus and attentiveness. He is easily distracted.

Word SLapPs is for teaching and testing vocabulary. Before you dish out the money for the full version you can try out Word SLapPs Lite for free. I think you’ll discover the same thing I did; this app is perfect for helping your little one learn nouns, verbs, sight words, who’s who, opposites, and even identifying and discriminating differences in pictures. Basic concepts such as above and below can be taught with Word SLapPs effectively.

Depending on the level you select you can display 1, 2, or 3 images on the screen. And the app comes with categories for colors and animals by default. So, if you set it up to use animals and you choose level 1, only the picture of the correct animal will be displayed. If you choose level 2 or 3 then 2 or 3 animals will be pictured accordingly. You have the option to include or exclude any pictures you like. You can also use your own pictures and record your own voice. You get full control!

Scenario; You select animals for the category and level 3. Then you start the game and hand the iPad to your child. This app is great for children with or without autism. The iPad, from left to right displays images of a tiger, a donkey, and an ape. It says, “Find the donkey.” If you child doesn’t select the correct picture, or if your child does nothing at all, the voice repeats, “Find the donkey” every 5 seconds or so. But if your child touches the picture of the donkey they are rewarded audibly and visually. The rewards are random, but one reward is the correct picture spinning with accompanying sound that you’d expect when something spins quickly.

The rewards are vital. But if your child perseverates on the rewards, Word SLapPs gives you the option to turn them off, audio or visual or both. You can also turn off the audible question prompt if you want your child to read the question on top of the screen instead. Like I mentioned above, you get full control.

Word SLapPs is solid. I can’t find a problem with it. Now that the iPad 2 has a camera it would be nice if this app gave the option to directly snap a picture into the app though.

It’s easy to set up, easy to use. It’s just easy to love. I think this is a needed tool for any speech pathologist, teacher, or parent working with a child who has autism that is developmentally at this level. This is a great tool for ANY young child. Autism Epicenter is a fan!