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  • Welcome to the parent autism blog at Autism Epicenter. This is an online journal written directly by parents of children with ASD. We'll share the triumphs and challenges as well as anything else that comes to our minds as related to Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

    Two parents post here:

    - Shane
    Autism Dad and the founder of Autism Epicenter. His son was born in 2002 and diagnosed in 2004 with classic autism.

    - Sherri
    Mother of "Sir Dantes". He was born in 2007 and diagnosed in 2009. "Ms. Maxie" is her typical daughter (doesn't have autism). Sherri works full time and blogs because she finds it to be therapeutic.

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Comment from: Stephanie Bice [Visitor]
My son is 7! He has lots of interest in electronics! Computers, video games etc. His favorite toy is a used nintendo ds! I purchased it used for $65. He played with it for 10 months and broke it. You can send them to nintendo and have them repaired for $65 and they come back with a 1year warranty. His "new" game is wrapped up under the tree again this year. You can buy the old game boy games used for it for around $5. This is my sons favorite, along with drawing on our PC. I also get him puzzle games for our pc also used. At christmas time I also refill his "stock Pile" of paper tablets and pens! He likes to draw!
12/12/11 @ 12:23
Comment from: Buffy [Visitor]
you can ask your child to look at sales ads photos and point out things they would like...and cut them out even..My son is limited verbally , and love his iPad...but he loves the abc's and. 123's ..he is 8 ..
12/20/11 @ 21:25
Comment from: Shane Nurnberg [Member]
We discovered the Lego advent calendar this year. So each day my son got to open up a new little door on the calendar and piece together a small Lego 'whatever'. He loved it! We'll probably be getting him the Lego advent calendar each year in the foreseeable future!
01/03/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]
My son has mild autism. Its his birthday, and as a lot of you have said, my son doesn't really play with toys either. Only if my other son is playing but that's usually just to annoy him! Lol. Anyway, he is obsessed with computers, tablets, phones, anything electronic! Also has an obsession with numbers. All numbers. Route numbers, mile markers, numbers on houses, all numbers. And watches- don't get me started on watches! He has probably 30!
09/28/12 @ 06:54
Comment from: Briana [Visitor]
my brother loves computers and drawing and editing things . so we buy him computers. he breaks them in about a year. so we let him use old phones and he has a limit on his computers.and sketch pads and dvd players . its hard to shop for him because his life revolves around a computer
10/30/12 @ 10:38
Comment from: Viva [Visitor] Email
An iPad 2 (don't know about the first because of lack of experience) is indeed quite an investment; but the apps are indeed priceless to both the entertainment aspect and educational component they have. Honestly, it is the best thing my son has ever received. DO think about getting one. [Don't bother with those new iPad Mini's, I mean REALLY? What's the difference between that and a Kindle Fire? Besides 200 bucks and camera?] sheesh!

Additionally, rethink the idea of 'developmentally appropriate.' Your child may be ahead or behind the age number[s] on the box. Go with your gut instinct. You know what your child can and cannot or should and should not be playing with.
11/02/12 @ 11:49

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