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  • Welcome to the parent autism blog at Autism Epicenter. This is an online journal written directly by parents of children with ASD. We'll share the triumphs and challenges as well as anything else that comes to our minds as related to Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

    Two parents post here:

    - Shane
    Autism Dad and the founder of Autism Epicenter. His son was born in 2002 and diagnosed in 2004 with classic autism.

    - Sherri
    Mother of "Sir Dantes". He was born in 2007 and diagnosed in 2009. "Ms. Maxie" is her typical daughter (doesn't have autism). Sherri works full time and blogs because she finds it to be therapeutic.

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Comment from: Mary Charleton [Visitor]
What a beautifully written blog and I can relate to every word of it. I believe everyone has a cross to carry in this life. I feel so blessed that my burden is a disabled child. My autistic son has brought me so much love and joy.
I've seen a video of your son receiving his new iPad, he is such a handsome and intelligent boy, God Bless him. May he continue to learn and bring you and your wife much love and pride.
Thanks for sharing your story.
Kind regards, Mary
03/29/11 @ 14:41
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]
Oh Shane, how beautifully and honestly your story is told. You told my story and the personal stories of many thousands of us. The song "I Haven't Got Time for the Pain" was used in an Excederine commercial, but before that it was sung by the incredible Carly Simon. The lyrics in that song are amazing, as is the melody. Another fitting song of hers for us special parents to have playing in our heads is "Anticipation" which describes how long we wait for things to happen in our children's development or simply how long things take everyday to accomplish. Those songs are tales of love, light, and joy. I encourage your readers to YouTube Carly performing those songs. Nobody else can sing them like she does. But more than an homage to Carly Simon, thank you Shane for singing our heartsong in your story. May God bless you and all of us parents as we are instruments in the good Lord's plan for this world and humankind. We are the chosen guardians and teachers of these incredible beings otherwise known as our children.
03/29/11 @ 15:32
Comment from: Virginia Magrum [Visitor] Email
I totally believed and enjoyed what you have said Shane. My son and your son has so much things in common. They're at the same age and almost the same degree of autism...I immensely feel totally the same way as both and your wife feels. My husband and I feel that we are lucky to have our only son Jimmy,he's always a joy. We always do things together on the weekends. Our Saturdays and Sundays are not complete when we are not together. On the other hand though it's really hard emotionally, physically, and financially and in every imaginable way, but we have friends,family and support group and especially GOD as our GUIDE,OUR SUPERPOWER and STRENGTH to weather this STORM !!!
03/30/11 @ 23:27
Comment from: Yandle [Member]
you hit the nail on the head! i feel like if i get lost in the "pain" of autism i do not focus on what needs to be done and the beauty that also comes with autism.

our lives certainly turned upside down. but sir esmonds' sister, ms. maxie, also has to deal with the effects as well; and it is not easy for her. sometimes she feels ignored or jealous because of all the time it takes to help sir dantes. she knows he is autistic, but she is still not quite old enough to understand what that really means.

03/31/11 @ 07:41
Comment from: Alanna Moore [Visitor]
This brought tears to my eyes.... This is my family! Our son is 4, diagnosed ASD, 2 years ago. Your story is so comforting!
04/07/11 @ 18:48
Comment from: Shane Nurnberg [Member]
I heard a line the other day while watching a movie preview - "The pain never goes away, but at some point it becomes bearable." I was thinking how well that applies to parents who are raising children with disabilities.

There's pain, but there is also great joy.
04/07/11 @ 19:59
Comment from: Ademola and Christine Adebayo [Visitor] Email

Thanks for sharing your testimony, especially the last paragraph. I am always excited about God's name being glorified in situations like this. Christine and I had our 4th son diagnosed with ASD about 2 years ago. We were both devastated, though not surprised, because all the signs were there. Yet God's name has been glorified in many ways. Our local church has been very supportive. We are been really encouraged by your post
12/10/11 @ 13:44
Comment from: Darcy w-b [Visitor] Email
very interesting blog. i am only 12 and i am looking for info for an information report on autism and how it affects different aspect of your life and the child life. This will deffinatley help.
08/12/12 @ 15:35

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