About Shane Nurnberg

My name is Shane Nurnberg (and I like stating the obvious!). My wife is Anne. When our son was diagnosed at 2-years-old I was employed in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Network Specialist. My background is in technology and graphic design. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems, aka high-level computers. In the past I have worked professionally as a website designer and graphic designer for print and web. All my knowledge of autism and associated disorders has come about because of my son, Braden (pronounced “Brad in” as opposed to “Brad out”.) You see, when my son was diagnosed my career path took a radical change. I gave up my job in the bay. My wife and I made the decision to move North into the Redding area where both of us were raised and where we still had lots of family support.

After struggling for a bit and having to fall back on freelance design I came to work at Rowell Family Empowerment. Rowell is a small local non-profit organization with a mission to empower people with diverse abilities by providing support, education, and advocacy services. The agency is built on parent-to-parent support. And that began my personal mission to immerse myself into the world of disabilities and get educated. Working for Rowell has given me so many opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to take advantage of. Between work and home I’m exposed to autism and other disabilities nearly all of my waking hours. I have written articles about it. I have done trainings. I am well versed with disability rights and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. I’ve attended several IEP meetings as an advocate for families.
Our Family sitting on a park bench

I am an expert on autism as it pertains to my son. In other words I’m an expert on his autism, because ASD varies so much from person to person. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on autism in general but I am very knowledgeable about it. Through my experiences, and our experiences as a family, dealing with autism daily I hope to shed some light on this growing disability. I hope that other families, parents in particular, can gain some insight and some knowledge from this website.

Braden was born May 3, 2002 via Caesarean section. It was one of the happiest days of my life! In most families the mother is the stronger parent, the more maternal. But in our family I have always been that parent, and happily so. My wife wouldn’t disagree with that statement.

Braden is our only child. When he was diagnosed with autistic disorder our world was shaken. Our lives were changed. But Braden has taught us so much as parents and as people. Our house may be chaotic at times, but it’s full of love and happiness. Speaking of love, I’d love to have another child, even another child with autism. But my wife feels differently. Anne is a loving Mom but she doesn’t want another child. Braden is enough of a handful.

My wife and I are soulmates and always have been. We have a strong marriage planted firmly in a wholehearted love for God. And God is the one who has pulled us through this whole trial of dealing with autism. He alone has strengthened us. So it’s really not “About Me” at all.