Apple App Compatibility

You’re not alone if you’re confused over Apple app compatibility. In iTunes you read one thing, but when you buy and install the app you wanted, you discover another thing. Ugh. Forget what you read in the app store. This guide will set you on the right path once and for all. Just follow the notes laid out below which correspond with the diagram on the right.

  1. The symbol of the two small devices means the app is only compatible with the iPhone or iPod Touch. NOTE: Many (but not all) of these app’s will also install on the iPad, but you’ll have to ‘zoom’ them to 2x so they take up the full screen. I don’t recommend doing that because it makes images pixelated and the whole app just looks terrible. Don’t be fooled when you read in the iTunes app store “Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.” Trust me on this. You don’t want these app’s on your iPad.
  2. The iPad with the iPhone and iTouch inside the middle indicates the app is universally compatible with all three Apple products. In other words, one purchase and this app looks great and functions great on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It’s a win – win – win situation! This is ideal, and we’d like to see all apps be universally compatible.
  3. The symbol of the iPad standing alone is meant to tell you that this app is only compatible with your iPad. This app will not install or function on any other Apple device, plain and simple. This app was made exclusively for the iPad.
  4. This symbol, with the iPhone and iPod Touch sorta standing outside the iPad indicates that this app is available for all the Apple devices, but with separate purchases. In other words, the app store contains at least 2 different versions of this app, generally one version for the iPad and another version for the iPhone and iPod Touch. So, if you own an iPad and an iPhone, and you want this app for both devices you’ll have to make 2 separate purchases.