things that sir dantes does

right now, at this very moment, me and my babies are sitting on the couch watching “swamp people” (my new favorite show); ms. maxie on my left and sir dantes on my right. it is one of the very few times that sir dantes is sitting still just chillin’ with me and his sister. most of the time he just runs around getting into things.

it is nice. he must be sleepy.

if he falls asleep here that will be fine. i will move him into the bed after the show, or during a commercial.

he is making this strange sounds that he often makes. it kinda like a “squish squish” sound he makes with his mouth. other times he just hums this monotone hum. it is actually comforting because i know where he is!

Follow up:

oh! now he’s up. he went to go get his toy story race track. he loves cars. in fact, just about anything with wheels fascinates him. he will throw himself down on the ground to look at and study wheels. for a while instead of riding his tricycle, he would lay down on the ground next to it and roll it back and forth with his hand so he could watch the wheels go round and round. this past spring he has finally enjoyed the act of riding his tricycle. he is quite fast too.

now he has went downstairs to his daddy. he loves daddy’s studio. the buttons, the lights, the computers all capture his attention…he can navigate a computer like a pro. and, he basically taught himself! through the use of the computer we have learned that he can read, spell, and do some math. he is only four! we have also learned that he has a sense of humor.

he will giggle and laugh at some of the funny songs he sees on his websites. he will also imitate them. i have a great video i should post showing him dancing the same dance as some of the silly characters on pbs. besides dancing he loves to climb and jump. it scares me to death! sir dantes’ latest favorite game is to climb on top of the coffee table and jump into the bean bag chair. tonight i have discovered that he can climb onto the kitchen counter without the use of a stool. very scary indeed.

he seems to love kitchen gadgets. and, he wants to try to cook like he sees daddy do. one day we caught him getting ready to cook apples. he had taken a pot, put in a couple of apples, added some pepper, and set in on one of the eyes of the stove. thank god he didn’t turn it on. but, he will probably be a great cook one day because he loves to eat. as soon as i get home, he gives me a hug and then sets down at the kitchen table. he will stay there until it is time to eat. while he knows how to use a spoon and a fork, he prefers his hands. every now and then he likes to imitate the dog.

after dinner he knows it is time for a bath. he will put everything in the hamper, which includes his shoes and his diaper. i always have to fish these items out of the hamper. during his shower he will stand on the tippiest of toes. he will curl his toes under the balls of his feet and stand that way. it hurts to look at. he may be a great dancer one day! who knows.

it is almost time for bed. “swamp people” is about over. sir dantes does not like a cover on his pillow. and, he wants to always cover his head. but he has had a busy day and will probably fall to sleep pretty easily. then i can sigh for awhile and not have to worry about what he may be doing, like tearing up fresh basil from the garden and spreading it all over the floor or trying to take the keys and figure out which one will unlock the door.

there are so many other things that sir dantes does throughout the day. granted many drive me crazy, but all in all, he’s a pretty good boy. we just have to keep a close eye on him. when we tell him “no” he throws his arms up in the air, waves them back and forth, and runs down the hall screaming. it can be both amusing and frustrating. but, whatever he does…come bedtime there will be hugs and kisses and a strong stern word to stay in bed.

now, he’s back on the couch and then off again with a pillow around his neck.

now, he is in bed with the covers covering him all up.