Autism Blog

A Fond Farewell

Just last week or so I looked to see how long I have been blogging on Autism Epicenter. It has been several years now and during that time I have shared the ups and downs of my family as we have learned; and are still learning, to navigate our son’s world.

Our son, Sir Dantes, has autism.

I started blogging because I found it therapeutic to put my thoughts “down on paper”. It helped me to sort out what I was thinking. Then I started seeing how many people were actually reading my blogs and that got me, well…excited. It seemed as though I may be actually helping people. So, it is sad to write this blog. This will be my final blog on Autism Epicenter.

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Tough Love

For some reason tonight I decided to see how long I have been blogging on this site. My first blog here was on September 25, 2009. For four years and two days I have been sharing my families experiences in dealing with autism. WOW! By the time I actually post this it may be four years and three or four days or five… I suppose by now, if you have been a regular reader, that you know my family pretty well.

By posting every two weeks or so I have shared a lot! And, I have made some good relations through this site and the Facebook page. We all have something in common. We all love someone with autism and it is one of the toughest types of love there may be.

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Who Didn’t Get a Progress Report

We are now far into the school year. The teachers have been met. The schedules have been set. Ms. Maxie has received her first birthday party invitation and has the first field trip of the school year planned. Pretty soon we will turn around and it will be fall break. As usual, the first grading period is coming to a close and the Progress Reports were sent out yesterday. All the reports but one (at least in our house); Sir Dantes did not get a Progress Report.

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Survival of The I.E.P

About a week and a half ago we received our official invitation for Sir Dantes’ I.E.P meeting. We knew it was time. It’s time to really get down to business. Summer is over and the school year is in full swing. Well, it’s in its third week. Let’s get ready for real! Let’s go get ‘em!

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