The Heart of Autism is the Epicenter

Epicenter is defined as the focal point of activity. It makes sense then that the autism epicenter is in the home. Parents raising a child with ASD know that’s true. Day in and day out it all happens at home – The meltdowns, the achievements, the love.

This website is written from the perspective of a parent who is in the trenches dealing with the triumphs and challenges of raising a child with ASD on a daily basis. Because only another parent can truly understand what you’re experiencing. There’s no shortage of challenges. But there are also plenty of triumphs.

Perhaps you are searching for the definition of this disorder or a list of the possible signs and symptoms. Maybe you’re looking for treatments and interventions or just some practical parenting tips and a little advice. Need some potty training suggestions? Toileting can be a big challenge. What is the gluten free, casein free diet and does it work? Maybe you want more information about this diet.

Regardless of your questions I’ll do my best to make this website stand apart as a resource that’s always friendly and has a nice clean interface. Most importantly it has the information you want organized in a manner that puts it at your fingertips.

Hearing the diagnosis isn’t the end of the world. It’s just the start of a new journey.