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Laughter can often be the best medicine – Enter Autism Rhetoric the autism comics. ASD is a serious disability, no question. But as the parent of an autistic child I’ve searched far and wide and I’ve found no cartoons related to the disability anywhere. I’ve found no hint about parents raising a child with ASD related to humor in any way. Are we all so serious?

I think it’s important be able to laugh when you’re faced with challenging circumstances regardless of what those circumstances may be. We gotta find humor in it. With that in mind I enlisted some talented cartoonists. Josh doesn’t have autism, but he has a brother with significant developmental delays who has many symptoms in common with ASD. Josh and his brother are my nephews. William tells you a little about himself directly under his comic below.

I don’t know about you, but I find lots of humor in autism all the time. I love to hear the stories other parents tell about awkward situations in public. Check back now and again because we plan on turning this into a full scale laugh assault on ASD!

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